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Polini Thor 80

Polini Thor 80

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Unleash Power and Precision with the Polini Thor 80 Paramotor Motor:

The Polini Thor 80, a marvel of technology with a small displacement, offers an impressive power of 18 HP while weighing only 11.4 kg. This powerhouse guarantees a thrust of 62 kg and maintains extraordinary thermal stability through its efficient cooling system.

Key Features:

  1. Compact and Lightweight Design:

    • The Thor 80's compactness and reduced weight make it an engineering marvel, weighing only 11.4 kg. The liquid cooling system ensures uniform temperature distribution during flight, providing optimal performance.
  2. Modern Air Filter Design:

    • The air filter stands out with a modern carbon look design, contributing to reduced noise levels. Advanced technology in the filtering element ensures maximum air cleaning features during aspiration.
  3. Carburetor Optimization:

    • The Thor 80 engine features a new carburetor setting, delivering a more homogeneous and linear power output at every rpm. This optimization enhances the overall performance and responsiveness of the motor.
  4. Innovative Cooling System:

    • The liquid cooling system, integrated and fixed directly to the engine, features a compact radiator and a unique air grill design for superior cooling. A forced cooling system with a valve directly on the crankshaft ensures efficient temperature control.
  5. Durable Construction:

    • The Thor 80 boasts an aluminum cylinder with a nickel-siliceous coating for exceptional wear resistance. The gravity-cast piston, with high siliceous content, includes two chromed piston rings for added durability.
  6. Fuel System Efficiency:

    • Equipped with a Polini CP carburetor Ø21mm, the fuel system includes a manual pump for easy refilling. The system also features a tank for fuel recovery, minimizing losses and facilitating transport.
  7. Dry Clutch and Reduction System:

    • The Thor 80 incorporates a dry clutch and a reduction ratio of 3.58 with helicoidal teeth gears in oil bath. These features enhance safety during pre-flight phases.
  8. Exhaust System Design:

    • The exhaust system is meticulously designed to minimize dimensions and maintain low noise levels. A round light alloy silencer contributes to an overall streamlined and efficient motor.
  9. Silent Blocks for Reduced Weight:

    • To further reduce weight, the silent blocks are crafted from a special ERGAL ultra-light alloy, enhancing the overall efficiency of the engine.
  10. 100% Made in Italy:

    • Embrace the assurance of quality with the Polini Thor 80, proudly crafted with precision in Italy.

Elevate Your Flight Experience with Polini Thor 80 – Where Power Meets Precision!

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