Flying Veterans

Welcome to Flying Veterans - Let the Adventure Begin!

Get ready to unleash the thrill of flight with the Run Into The Sky nonprofit Program for Flying Veterans! At Run Into The Sky, we're on a mission to give our veterans the wings they deserve. Our program is not just about paramotoring; it's about crafting unforgettable moments in the sky.

About the Adventure

Our Mission:

Soar high and redefine the skies! We're here to empower veterans through the pure joy of paramotoring, creating bonds, and unlocking new horizons.

What We Bring to the Table:

  • Paramotor Party:
    • Dive into customized training programs that turn veterans into paramotor pros.
    • Our seasoned instructors are more than teachers – they're fellow enthusiasts, sharing the sky's magic.
  • Sky Squad Support:
    • Join an upbeat community of fellow veterans who share your love for the clouds.
    • Mentorship programs aren't just about guidance; they're about building friendships as you cruise through the skies.
  • Gear Galore:
    • Equip yourself with top-notch paramotoring gear – we've got your back.
    • Our experts help you pick gear that matches your vibe and style.
  • Flight Festivities:
    • Buckle up for group flights that turn into airborne parties designed just for veterans.
    • Forge connections and friendships as you dance through the clouds together.
  • Therapy in the Air:
    • Discover the calming and therapeutic effects of soaring through the skies.
    • Connect with nature and your fellow veterans in an uplifting, gravity-defying environment.

How to Join the Fun

  • Apply for the Flying Veterans:
    • Veterans, the sky's calling! Apply for our special training programs and kickstart your adventure.
    • Visit for more info – it's the first step to your skyward journey.
  • Support the Sky Show:
    • Become a backstage hero by donating to Run Into The Sky.
    • Your support means we can keep the show going with free equipment, training, and mentorship for veterans.
  • Spread the Sky Vibes:
    • Shout it from the clouds! Share the Run Into The Sky - Flying Veterans Program with your veteran buddies.
    • Help us build a crew of flying veterans ready to conquer the skies.

Contact Us - Let's Chat and Fly!

Ready to ride the winds or got questions about the program? Drop us a line at or give us a ring at [501-747*3558]. Let's turn your adventure into an airborne legend!