David Perry


David Perry (DP): Defying Gravity with One Foot in the Sky

Meet DP: A Foot Launch Pilot with Unrivaled Determination

Soaring High with Resilience:

David Perry, affectionately known as DP, is not just a paramotor pilot; he's a testament to the indomitable spirit that defies limitations. With only one foot, DP has embraced the skies, turning his passion for flight into an inspiring journey of determination and achievement.

Beyond the Skies: DP's Life on the Ground

1. Professional Calling:

  • DP's commitment extends beyond the clouds; he works at Stuhr Funeral Home & Crematory, bringing compassion and professionalism to his work.

2. Educational Background:

  • A graduate of Worsham College of Mortuary Science in Chicago, IL, DP's dedication to learning and excellence is evident both in the air and on the ground.

3. Roots and Education:

  • DP's educational journey began at Sturgis High School, shaping the foundation for his future endeavors. His roots trace back to Sturgis, Michigan, where his journey into the skies truly took flight.

4. Current Residence:

  • DP currently resides in Summerville, South Carolina, where he continues to inspire others with his paramotoring adventures.

5. Marital Bliss:

  • DP is happily married, his partner undoubtedly sharing the skies and the joys of life with him.

One Foot, Limitless Skies: DP's Paramotor Prowess

1. Foot Launch Extraordinaire:

  • DP's unique approach to paramotoring involves foot launching, showcasing his exceptional skills and resilience. He defies gravity with every takeoff, proving that the sky has no bounds.

2. YouTube Adventures:

  • Explore DP's paramotoring world on his YouTube page, where he shares thrilling adventures, tips, and the sheer joy of flight. Strap in for a journey that transcends limitations and embraces the boundless skies.

3. Connect on Facebook:

  • Stay connected with DP's paramotoring escapades, updates, and community engagement on his Facebook page. Join the conversation, ask questions, and be part of the supportive paramotoring community he has cultivated.

DP's Inspirational Flight: Soaring Beyond Expectations

1. Defying Odds:

  • DP's story is one of defying odds and surpassing expectations. Witness how he turns challenges into opportunities with every graceful glide through the air.

2. Inspirational Community Figure:

  • DP isn't just a pilot; he's a symbol of inspiration for aspiring paramotor enthusiasts facing their own challenges. His story resonates beyond the paramotoring community, reaching anyone who dares to dream.

3. Paramotoring with Heart:

  • DP's flights are not just about conquering the skies; they are a celebration of the human spirit. Each ascent is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of one's dreams.

Join DP's Skyward Journey:

1. YouTube Adventures:

  • Immerse yourself in DP's paramotoring world by subscribing to his YouTube channel. Experience the freedom of flight through his lens.

2. Connect on Facebook:

  • Stay updated on DP's paramotoring endeavors and engage with the community on his Facebook page. Share your own experiences and be part of the supportive network he has fostered.

3. Witness the Skies Unfold:

  • DP's journey is an unfolding story of triumph and passion. Follow his adventures, share in the joy of flight, and let his story inspire your own soaring aspirations.

DP: Defying Limits, Embracing Flight

Where Dreams Take Flight – DP's Paramotoring Odyssey!

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