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Unlimited Training Only - per person

Unlimited Training Only - per person

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Unlimited paramotor training / gear rental included - $2950

Get $500 discount off your first wing from our online store

Get $500 discount off your first motor from our online store

Unlimited training -  You let us know when you want to train and we will be available !

    Students must be 18 years or older

    Students must be at or under 300 pounds

    Students can pre pay for school, pay in payments using the options at checkout, or put down $750 to hold a spot and remainder to be paid in full by first day of training.

     Students will be able to train anytime from sun up to sun down 7 days a week.  We work with your schedule.  Some students can only train on the weekends, some can come for 2 weeks straight, some are very spriatic because of their work or home schedule.     Your training schedule is designed for you.  Unlimited training means you can train with us forever!  Come back for advanced training for FREE

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