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Unlimited Training and New Wing

Unlimited Training and New Wing

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Get unlimited training and Get a NEW Apco Karisma II wing!  (Or credit towards another wing of your choice)   After purchase, you can schedule class anytime in 2023-2024

UNLIMITED Training!  Ready to learn how to fly?  Sign up now!!   YOU USE OUR GEAR FOR TRAINING!  Try different motors, wings, throttles, helmets, harnesses and other paramotor gear then you have an understanding on what gear will be right for you!

Students get 10% discounts on our Store

Online classes for you to watch videos, take tests, fill out forms, learn paramotor terminology so you have a better understanding of what to expect before you come to class.  

Learn about weather, motor maintenance, pre/post flight checklists, ground handling, watch tips and tricks of take off and landings and even watch VR 360 videos so you can almost feel what it is like to take off, look around and land.  All before you even get to class!! 

Call or Text Sean Symons at 5017473558 for any questions you may have.

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