Joshua Marsh

Josh Marsh

Josh Marsh

Joshua Marsh I'm 35 years old and have a family of seven with one being my granddaughter. Before you try to do the math, no, I didn't start that early. My wife is 10 years older and brought two kids into the relationship. I'm an Army vet and an adrenaline junkie. I'm getting my adrenaline fix by being a paramotor pilot and starting to skydive. Just a small back story. Since my first airplane flight ever, leaving basic training to go to AIT, I knew I wanted to fly. A couple of years ago I finally figured out what I wanted to do. I wanted to fly a paramotor. I have to credit Tucker Gott with that fascination. Well I started saving. I took a class and got in my ground training and the next step would be to buy a setup to complete training. The start of 2021 I had saved up nearly $7k to go buy my first paramotor setup. A family member fell ill and was unable to care for herself, so we moved her in with us, so we could care for her. Unbeknownst to me, someone scanned her debit card information into their phone and drained over $7000 from her bank account. I had to use the money that I had saved up to replace what was in her account so she wouldn't lose any of her assets. At the same time I built a successful business, Rocket City Mushrooms L.L.C., and turned around and sold it for profit. This lead to me being able to buy my first setup. Top80 came from Neil at Aviator PPG and 29m ITV Baja came from Brad Roper at Southern Utah Paramotor. As soon as I got home with my paramotor, my wife met me at the door with a piece of paper and said sign this. What was it? It was,in fact, a life insurance policy. ūüėā And yes, it covered accidental during flight. Well I went back to kiting and took some training and finally got in the air on Mother's Day 2022. I'm still fairly new to this sport, with only 30 flights as of writing this, but there is a lot of passion and so much left to learn. Finally I want to say thank you for having me and thank you to my wife. My wife is the one that has to put up with my crazy adrenaline seeking attitude.


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