14 Day Paramotor Arkansas Curriculum

A 14-day paramotor training is an immersive and well-rounded program designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed for safe and confident paramotor flying. Beginning with thorough ground school instruction, participants progress through essential components, pre-flight preparations, and simulator training before advancing to supervised solo flights. The extended duration allows for a deeper exploration of flight theory, advanced maneuvers, and cross-country planning. Weather-dependent elements are accommodated, providing flexibility for optimal learning conditions. The curriculum concludes with advanced towing exercises, ensuring participants are well-prepared for diverse paramotoring scenarios. This extended format allows for a comprehensive understanding of paramotoring, fostering a sense of proficiency and confidence in each participant by the end of the 14-day training period.Days 1-2: Introduction and Ground School

  • Day 1:
    • Welcome and Orientation
    • Introduction to Paramotoring
    • Safety Briefing
  • Day 2:
    • Paramotor Components and Equipment
    • Ground Handling Techniques

Days 3-4: Pre-Flight Preparation and Simulator Training

  • Day 3:
    • Pre-flight Inspection
    • Motor Starting Procedures
  • Day 4:
    • Kiting Practice
    • Introduction to Simulator Training

Days 5-6: Flight Theory and Towing Practice

  • Day 5:
    • Aerodynamics and Flight Theory
    • Simulator Practice: Launch and Landing Drills
  • Day 6:
    • Introduction to Towing
    • Risks and Safety Measures

Days 7-8: Solo Flight Preparations

  • Day 7:
    • Solo Flight Briefing
    • Pattern and Landing Practice
  • Day 8:
    • Supervised Solo Flight Readiness Assessment

Days 9-10: Supervised Solo Flights

  • Day 9-10:
    • Supervised Solo Flights with Instructor Guidance
    • Pattern Practice and Landings
    • Flight Debrief and Feedback

Days 11-12: Advanced Skills and Maneuvers

  • Day 11:
    • Advanced Flight Maneuvers
    • Emergency Procedures Refresher
  • Day 12:
    • Cross-Country Flight Planning
    • Navigation Techniques

Days 13-14: Advanced Towing and Graduation

  • Day 13:
    • Advanced Towing Exercises
    • Towing Emergency Procedures
  • Day 14:
    • Graduation Ceremony
    • Final Flight Assessments