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BIO for Nathan J Finneman
 My name is Nathan. I’m a pilot based out of Colorado. I’ve flown all around the world in various aircraft. From gyro-copters to jets and everything in between. If it has wings, I’d try and fly it. I guess it’s safe to say I have a taste for adventure.
There is something truly defining when it comes to to the relationship of “man and machine”. I have been in aviation for the last 15 years. I started out flying hang gliders in my late teenage years, and progressed to ultralights.
My aviation career has had a multitude of variations.  I operated leak detection system operations on the back of a helicopter for oil pipeline companies. Also few trainer jets specializing in guidance system applications. 
Paramotors game into my life around 2010, and it’s one of the few flying activities I can say still has the same magical affect on my soul. I flew airshows for about 5 years in paramotors with my buddy Chris Montes, had an absolute blast doing that. Also had several what I call code brown moments flying butt fans over the years. I represented Team USA with Matt Minyard in the World Pylon Racing Championships in Egypt in 2017. And flew through the arches of Moab with Bear Grylls. 
I have truly met some of the best people around the world because of this sport. I’m often asked, do I prefer flying airplanes more than paramotors.
I often disagree. There is something about paramotoring that still encompasses the true freedom that pilots once experienced nearly 100 years ago in the barnstorming era. I feel like this is one of the last aviation realms that a pilot can still feel like a barnstormer. So all this talk about a world altitude record we recently set.
And how the help of an amazing team individuals, paired with an incredibly short weather window with temperatures hovering at -14F and winds over 40kts put an American Flag back on the record books.