The Flight Brothers

Welcome to the high-flying world of The Flight Brothers—where innovation meets adventure in crafting the coolest flying machines that redefine the skies! 🚀 Specializing in the thrilling realm of paramotoring, we're your go-to crew operating under the FAR 103 ultralights category.

Now, what's FAR 103, you ask? It's the FAA's way of saying we get to have all the fun! These rules make sure our ultralights, including the awesome paramotors, keep things breezy with specific weight, speed, and fuel limitations for that carefree and accessible recreational flying vibe.

But hold on, it's not just about soaring through the clouds with our trusty paramotors. We're all about turning our flights into airborne art projects, with our creativity taking flight in the form of extraordinary airborne creations. Picture it: part aviator, part artist, all fun!

What's a paramotor, you wonder? It's like strapping a motorized backpack to your dreams! The parachute-like wing does the rest, letting you take off from anywhere flat and turn your wildest aviation fantasies into reality. And trust us, it's not just flying; it's a downright portable and accessible party in the sky!

Now, ultralights are our thing—they're the lightweight, easygoing aircraft that fall under FAR 103 rules. From powered paragliders like our beloved paramotors to microlights and other pint-sized wonders, we're talking about flying machines designed for maximum fun with minimal fuss.

So, come join the airborne shenanigans with The Flight Brothers! We're not just pushing the boundaries of flight; we're turning the whole sky into our playground. 🌟✈️ Get ready for adventure, innovation, and a whole lot of friendly fun as we pioneer new horizons in the oh-so-awesome world of aviation! 🚁💨

We will be adding some slick stuff to our YouTube channel soon so check us out here