PPG Grandpa

PPG Grandpa: Soaring Beyond Adversity

Embracing the Skies After Adversity

A Journey of Resilience:

Meet Sean Symons, affectionately known as PPG Grandpa, a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Sean's flying career took flight in the wake of open-heart surgery and complications from a stroke in December 2017. His story is one of resilience, determination, and the transformative power of pursuing one's dreams.

Open Heart Surgery and a Stroke as a complication
Eating through a tube, Talking is difficult.

The Spark of Inspiration

1. Motivated by a Vision:

2. Turning Adversity into Strength:

  • Sean's journey into paramotoring became a therapeutic endeavor, aiding in his physical recovery post-surgery and stroke complications. The skies became his sanctuary, a place where challenges transformed into triumphs.

3. A Year of Preparation:

  • Throughout 2018, Sean dedicated himself to getting stronger and finding the right instructor. His unwavering determination fueled a year of preparation, laying the groundwork for his ascent into the world of powered paragliding.

The Quest for Training

1. Finding the Right Instructor:

  • Sean's quest led him to an instructor, but the distance posed a significant challenge. Undeterred, Sean's instructor lent him a wing, allowing him to practice and build his skills until he was ready for his first solo flight.

2. A Journey of Practice and Strength:

  • Armed with resilience, Sean spent months honing his skills, training rigorously, and gradually gaining the strength required for ground handling. Every practice session brought him closer to the realization of his airborne dream.

PPG Grandpa Takes Flight

1. From Ground Handling to Soaring High:

  • Sean's dedication paid off as he transitioned from ground handling to the exhilaration of soaring high above the earth. His first solo flight marked a pinnacle in his journey, a testament to the transformative power of passion and perseverance.

2. A Symbol of Inspiration:

  • PPG Grandpa has become more than a pilot; he is a symbol of inspiration for those facing adversity. His story exemplifies the extraordinary heights that can be reached when one refuses to be grounded by life's challenges.

Contributions to Paramotoring Community

1. Runs Paramotor Arkansas Flight School:

  • Sean Symons actively contributes to the paramotoring community by running Paramotor Arkansas Flight School. His passion for the sport, coupled with his instructional expertise, makes him a guiding force for aspiring paramotor enthusiasts.

2. Founder of Run Into The Sky Nonprofit:

  • Going beyond personal achievements, Sean is the founder of Run Into The Sky, a nonprofit dedicated to making paramotoring accessible and empowering individuals to soar beyond their limitations. The nonprofit reflects Sean's commitment to sharing the joy of flight with others.

Join PPG Grandpa on His Soaring Odyssey

1. Follow the Journey on Social Media:

  • Connect with PPG Grandpa on social media platforms to stay updated on his paramotoring adventures, insights, and messages of encouragement.

2. Share in the Triumphs:

  • Be part of PPG Grandpa's community, celebrating the triumphs and joys of flight. Share your own experiences, ask questions, and join the collective spirit of those who refuse to be grounded.

3. Soar High with PPG Grandpa:

  • PPG Grandpa's journey is an invitation to soar high, no matter the obstacles. Let his story inspire you to reach for the skies, embrace challenges, and discover the transformative power of pursuing your passions.

PPG Grandpa: Defying Gravity, Embracing Life

Where Dreams Take Flight – PPG Grandpa's Paramotoring Odyssey!