Paramotor Calendar

Soaring Through the Year: Your Ultimate Paramotor Calendar Experience!

Introduction: Welcome to the sky-high excitement of our Paramotor Calendar project, where passion meets the clouds! Get ready to embark on a visual journey through the breathtaking world of paramotoring, captured by enthusiasts just like you. This is not just a calendar; it's a celebration of the freedom, adventure, and sheer joy that comes with the wind in your hair and the open sky above.


How It Works: Our Paramotor Calendar project is a collaborative effort that brings together the talents and perspectives of paramotor enthusiasts worldwide. Here's how you can be a part of it:

  1. Submit Your Spectacular Shots: at PPG CALENDAR photo submissions

    • Share your most awe-inspiring paramotoring moments by uploading your high-resolution images to our platform.
    • Whether it's a sunrise takeoff, a mid-air maneuver, or a serene landing, we want to see the beauty and diversity of paramotoring through your lens.
  2. Community Voting:

    • Once the submissions are in, the community gets to vote on their favorite paramotor pictures. The highest-voted images will take center stage in our exclusive calendar.
  3. Crafting the Calendar:

    • Our team of designers will curate the top-voted images and expertly weave them into a stunning, high-quality paramotor calendar.
    • Expect a visually immersive experience that captures the spirit of paramotoring across the seasons.
  4. Available for Purchase: Order here. All proceeds go to Run Into The Sky Non profit to help disabled veterans learn to fly 

    • The final masterpiece will be available for purchase, offering you the chance to bring the thrill of paramotoring into your home or office.
    • Whether as a gift for a fellow enthusiast or a treat for yourself, our Paramotor Calendar is the perfect way to relive the excitement of the sport throughout the year.

Why Participate:

  • Showcase Your Passion: Share your love for paramotoring with a global community of like-minded individuals.
  • Immortalize Your Moments: Your uploaded photos could become a permanent part of the paramotoring legacy in our annual calendar.
  • Support the Community: Proceeds from calendar sales may go towards supporting paramotoring events, initiatives, or charitable causes within the community.

Get Involved:

  • Submit Your Photos: Upload your best paramotor snapshots and let your adventures take flight in our calendar.
  • Vote for Favorites: Be a part of the selection process by casting your votes for the images that resonate with you.
  • Stay Tuned for Release: Follow us on social media and subscribe for updates on when the calendar will be available for purchase.

Join us in turning the ordinary into the extraordinary as we compile a year's worth of paramotoring beauty in the most unique and exciting calendar you've ever owned!