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Brook Sheffield - PPG Pirate: Charting New Horizons in the Sky and on the Ground

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Meet Brook Sheffield - PPG Pirate

A Multifaceted Pioneer:

Brook Sheffield, also known as PPG Pirate, is a true Renaissance individual, seamlessly blending entrepreneurship, farming, piloting, exploration, and a free-spirited journey through life. From the skies to the soil, Brook's diverse roles paint a picture of a modern-day adventurer.

The Captain of the Skies

1. Head Trainer/Owner at Pinnacle Paramotor:

  • Brook is the driving force behind Pinnacle Paramotor, where he serves as the Head Trainer and Owner. His expertise as a pilot is shared with aspiring enthusiasts, shaping the next generation of paramotor pilots.

2. Aviation School Maven:

  • Pinnacle Paramotor stands as an aviation school under Brook's guidance, offering a platform for individuals to spread their wings and navigate the skies confidently.

The Ground Beneath His Feet

1. Entrepreneurial Ventures:

  • Brook's entrepreneurial spirit extends to LOTUS Farm & Garden Supply, with co-ownership in Johnson City, TN, Greenville, SC, and Asheville, NC. These ventures reflect his commitment to cultivating growth, both in business and agriculture.

2. Former Farm Manager at Eliada:

  • Brook's experience as a former Farm Manager at Eliada showcases his dedication to community involvement and sustainable farming practices.

The Navigator's Journey

1. Educational Odyssey:

  • Brook's academic journey includes studying at Appalachian State University and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. His diverse educational background enriches his multifaceted approach to life.

2. Roots in North Carolina:

  • Born in Tarboro, North Carolina, Brook's roots are firmly embedded in the rich soil of the state. Today, he calls Marshall, North Carolina, his home.

PPG Pirate

Contact PPG Pirate

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The Adventurous Psychonaut

1. Explorer and Psychonaut:

  • Brook's identity as an explorer and psychonaut reflects his fearless approach to the unknown, both in the skies and within the realms of consciousness.

2. Community Contributor:

  • Beyond his personal achievements, Brook is an invaluable contributor to the paramotoring community. His dedication to training, education, and fostering a sense of camaraderie has elevated the paramotoring experience for many.

Join the PPG Pirate's Crew

1. Explore Pinnacle Paramotor:

2. Connect on Social Media:

  • Follow Brook Sheffield on social media to stay updated on his paramotoring adventures, insights, and community initiatives.

3. Visit LOTUS Farm & Garden Supply:

  • Explore LOTUS Farm & Garden Supply in Johnson City, TN, Greenville, SC, and Asheville, NC, for agricultural supplies and a taste of Brook's commitment to sustainable farming.

Brook Sheffield - PPG Pirate: Navigating the Skies, Cultivating Growth, and Inspiring Adventure