Veterans Fly Free

Veterans Fly Free org, a Run Into The Sky nonprofit division, we believe in empowering our veterans with the freedom to soar, and that's why we've launched the Veterans Fly Free Program, a transformative initiative designed for veterans eager to take flight. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we are committed to providing our heroes with the skills and experiences that come with paramotoring.

About the Program

Our Mission:

Empowering veterans through the thrill of paramotoring, fostering camaraderie, and offering a pathway to new horizons.

What We Offer:

  • Paramotor Training:
    • Comprehensive paramotor training programs tailored to veterans.
    • Learn from experienced instructors passionate about sharing the joy of flight.
  • Community Support:
    • Join a community of fellow veterans who share a love for the skies.
    • Engage in mentorship programs to guide you on your paramotoring journey.
  • Equipment Assistance:
    • Access to paramotoring equipment, ensuring a seamless and supportive learning experience.
    • Guidance on selecting gear that suits your individual needs.
  • Flight Experiences:
    • Participate in group flights and events specially curated for veterans.
    • Foster connections and friendships through shared airborne adventures.
  • Therapeutic Benefits:
    • Experience the therapeutic effects of flight on mental well-being.
    • Connect with nature and fellow veterans in a unique and uplifting environment.

How to Get Involved

  • Apply for Training:
    • Veterans interested in paramotoring can apply for our training programs. Go to for more info
    • We prioritize inclusivity, catering to varying skill levels and physical abilities.
  • Support Our Mission:
    • Donate to Run Into The Sky to help us continue offering this program at no cost to veterans.
    • Your support enables us to provide equipment, training, and ongoing mentorship.
  • Spread the Word:
    • Share the Run Into The Sky Program with fellow veterans who might be interested.
    • Help us create a growing community of flying veterans.

Contact Us

Ready to take flight? Have questions about the Veterans Fly Free Program? Contact us at or call us at [501-747*3558]. Let's soar together and redefine the skies for our heroes!