Resource Brothers

Resource Brothers: Building Dreams, Empowering Lives

About Resource Brothers

Resource Brothers, led by Sean Symons and Butch Fly, is a dynamic initiative dedicated to sourcing and providing resources for various noble causes. From building homes for veterans to constructing paramotors and schools, the Resource Brothers are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities.

Our Mission

Building Homes for Veterans:

Resource Brothers channel resources to construct homes for veterans, creating safe and comfortable living spaces as a token of gratitude for their service.

Empowering Paramotoring Enthusiasts:

By procuring and distributing resources, Sean Symons and Butch Fly aim to empower paramotor enthusiasts, fostering a community of skilled and passionate aviators.

Constructing Schools for Education:

Education is a cornerstone of empowerment. Resource Brothers work towards building schools, providing environments conducive to learning and growth.

Community Outreach and Assistance:

Beyond specific projects, Resource Brothers extend their reach to assist people in need. Whether it's providing resources for medical facilities or supporting community initiatives, the goal is to create positive change.

Meet the Visionaries

Sean Symons - A Driving Force:

Sean Symons, the co-founder of Resource Brothers, is a paramotor pilot and the Director of Operations for the nonprofit Run Into The Sky. His passion for flight extends to a deep commitment to community service.

Butch Fly - An Advocate for Change:

Butch Fly, another co-founder, is a paramotor pilot who underwent training through Paramotor Arkansas Flight School. As the Director of Operations for the nonprofit Run Into The Sky, Butch is dedicated to using resources to make a difference.

How You Can Contribute

1. Donate Resources:

  • Have unused or surplus resources? Your contributions can be instrumental in realizing various projects. Contact Resource Brothers to discuss how your resources can make a difference.

2. Volunteer Your Skills:

  • Are you skilled in construction, paramotoring, or education? Resource Brothers welcomes volunteers willing to contribute their expertise to ongoing projects.

3. Financial Support:

  • Financial contributions play a crucial role in acquiring necessary resources. Your support can help fund projects that positively impact veterans, aspiring pilots, and students.

Join the Resource Brothers Movement

1. Stay Connected:

  • Follow Resource Brothers on social media to stay updated on their initiatives, progress, and opportunities to get involved.

2. Spread the Word:

  • Share the Resource Brothers mission with your network. Every voice amplifies the impact, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

3. Get Involved Locally:

  • Resource Brothers encourages local community involvement. Reach out to explore ways you can contribute to projects in your area.

Together We Build, Together We Soar

Resource Brothers, fueled by the passion and dedication of Sean Symons and Butch Fly, invites you to be part of a movement that builds dreams and empowers lives. Join us in making a difference – one home, one paramotor, one school at a time.