10 Day Paramotor School Curriculum

A Journey on an enriching 10-day paramotor journey at Run Into The Sky Ground School in Beebe, Arkansas, where our meticulously crafted curriculum seamlessly integrates theoretical knowledge with hands-on training. Tailored for enthusiasts of all levels, our program encompasses fundamental ground handling, in-flight controls, and advanced maneuvers, providing a comprehensive understanding of powered paragliding.

Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, participants progress from initial solo ground handling to achieving independent flight, all while prioritizing safety and individualized instruction. Dedicated sessions focus on mastering weather awareness, honing cross-country flight planning skills, and enhancing real-time decision-making.

The program culminates in individual flight assessments, offering constructive feedback and marking the successful completion of a transformative journey into the captivating world of paramotoring. Join us for an immersive 10 days that promise not only the thrill of flight but also the mastery and confidence to navigate the skies independently.

Day 1: Introduction and Safety Briefing

  • Morning:

    • Welcome and Introduction to Paramotoring
    • Overview of the Training Program
    • Safety Briefing and Equipment Introduction
  • Afternoon:

    • Ground School: Basic Aerodynamics
    • Introduction to Paramotor Equipment
    • Safety Checks and Pre-flight Inspections

Day 2: Ground Handling Basics

  • Morning:

    • Practical Ground Handling Techniques
    • Introduction to Wing Control
    • Simulator Exercises
  • Afternoon:

    • Ground Handling Drills
    • Basic Kiting and Control Exercises

Day 3: Introduction to In-Flight Controls

  • Morning:

    • Classroom Session: In-Flight Controls and Principles
    • Simulator Practice: Understanding Weight Shift and Brake Input
  • Afternoon:

    • Skill-Building Exercises: In-Flight Control Drills
    • Debrief and Q&A Session

Day 4: Solo Ground Handling

  • Morning:

    • Solo Ground Handling Practice
    • Advanced Kiting Techniques
  • Afternoon:

    • Introduction to Paramotor Engine Start-up and Shut-down
    • Engine Warm-up and Basic Maintenance

Day 5: First Solo Flights

  • Morning:

    • Solo Flights with Instructor Guidance
    • Emphasis on Takeoff and Landing Techniques
  • Afternoon:

    • Review of Solo Flights
    • Video Analysis and Feedback Session

Day 6: Navigation and Weather Awareness

  • Morning:

    • Classroom Session: Navigation Basics
    • Weather Awareness and its Impact on Paramotoring
  • Afternoon:

    • Practical Exercises: Navigation Drills
    • Understanding Wind Patterns

Day 7: Advanced Flight Maneuvers

  • Morning:

    • Classroom Session: Advanced Flight Techniques
    • Hands-on Practice: Spirals, Wingovers, and S-turns
  • Afternoon:

    • Individual Flight Sessions with Focus on Advanced Maneuvers
    • Debrief and Skill Assessment

Day 8: Emergency Procedures

  • Morning:

    • Classroom Session: Emergency Landing Procedures
    • Reserve Parachute Deployment Training
  • Afternoon:

    • Practical Exercises: Emergency Scenarios
    • Review and Debrief

Day 9: Cross-Country Flight Planning

  • Morning:

    • Classroom Session: Cross-Country Flight Planning
    • Navigation Challenges and Solutions
  • Afternoon:

    • Group Flight: Cross-Country Navigation
    • Real-time Decision Making

Day 10: Final Assessments and Graduation

  • Morning:

    • Individual Flight Assessments
    • Skill Evaluation and Feedback
  • Afternoon:

    • Graduation Ceremony
    • Celebration and Closing Remarks