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Coms - Bluetooth Headset with mic boom for paramotor

Coms - Bluetooth Headset with mic boom for paramotor

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Product description

MaxTo BT-11 Paramotor Helmet Bluetooth Headset , Communication System

  • MaxTo BT-11 adopts the latest 5.3 Bluetooth chip, using the latest 5.3 + EDR Bluetooth technology.
  • BT-11 has super signal transmission low power consumption, spending all Bluetooth devices, support auto-answer function, safe and fast.

MaxTo BT-11 PAra motor Bluetooth Headset Fit Various Helmets

  • Full Face Helmet, Harley Hemet, Off-road Helmet, Half Helmet and so on

Rejection and Listening

  • By double-clicking the button, you can turn off the automatic answering mode and switch to manual answering, and double-click the button again to resume

900 mAh Receiver Battery

  • Workin Time:48H
  • Standby Time:80H
  • Charging Time:2H

Connect with Other Bluetooth Headset

  • Keep the BT-11 and other devices within 1 meter of visibility.
  • Other devices are set to pair in the pairing state.

SiRi & Voice Assistant

  • Double tap this button to activate Siri function and voice assistant


  • IP65 waterproof motorcycle communication systems, effectively protects in rainy days

Three buttons to make your flight easy to use

  • Three buttons, and make the buttons larger, so you will not be difficult to use when wearing gloves 

MaxTo BT-11 Bluetooth 5.3 + EDR Headset for Paramotor

BT-11 Paramotor Bluetooth Headset
  • Helmet Bluetooth headset* 1
  • Instruction manual *1
  • Charging cable* 1
  • Round Velcro* 2

Warning/ Tips

  • To protect your eardrums and hearing, do not turn on the volume to the maximum for long periods of time. 
  • Remember to fully charge it first before using it
  • Frequency: 2.402GHz-2.480GHz. Range: 10-15 meters
  • NOTE: BT-11 cannot be used for intercom
  • Auto-answer and manual answer
  • Dust-proof, fire-proof, moisture-proof

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