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Spartan - SkyTap Paramotors

Spartan - SkyTap Paramotors

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The Spartan is the Strongest and Safest Paramotor in its Class.  

Safety is our Number 1 Priority.

This is the only Paramotor in its class to Have 400lbs Kevlar Netting, and a Cage strong enough to Support the Netting.  This is essential in Preventing Prop Strikes and Contact with the Prop Injuries that occur on nearly Every other Paramotor.  

The strength of the Cage also drastically reduces chance of replacing Parts and injury from contact with the Ground.

The Spartan is the only frame in its class That Has a Quick Release Harness, to prevent the number one Cause of Death, Drowning.  Not only Does this make it Safer, but also gives it more comfort, and connivence for getting in and Getting out.

The Spartan has 10 inches of crumple zone underneath the pilot for spinal protection.

Comes Standard with a Pistol Grip/Trigger throttle, the only throttle with a Safety on it.

The frame is Highly customizable with different engines, Colors, throttles, Harnesses, and many more options.

Fits up to a 135 CM Prop.

The weightshift is the Best in its class having both articulating Arms, and Side to Side weight shift with Spacers.  

Comes Standard with Anti Torque Swing Arms

Options, Options,Options

Buy America to Support America, We are a U.S.A company.  Owner Can be contacted Directly For Question and support.  There a no Need to contact a Dealer who must go through an Importer, who must import frame an over Seas Manufacturer. 


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