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Spartan - SkyTap Paramotors

Spartan - SkyTap Paramotors

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Introducing the Spartan: Unrivaled Strength and Safety in Paramotoring!

Elevate your paramotoring experience with the Spartan, proudly claiming its position as the Strongest and Safest Paramotor in its class. Safety takes precedence as we redefine industry standards and deliver a paramotor that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Key Safety Features:

  1. 400lbs Kevlar Netting and Robust Cage:

    • The Spartan sets itself apart by incorporating 400lbs Kevlar netting, supported by a cage engineered to match its strength. This critical feature is designed to prevent prop strikes and injuries, offering unparalleled safety during every flight.
  2. Durable Cage for Enhanced Safety:

    • The Spartan's robust cage not only supports the Kevlar netting but also significantly reduces the risk of part replacements and injuries resulting from ground contact. Fly with confidence, knowing your paramotor is built to last.
  3. Quick Release Harness for Drowning Prevention:

    • Addressing a leading cause of paramotoring fatalities, the Spartan is equipped with a Quick Release Harness. This innovative feature not only enhances safety but also prioritizes comfort and convenience during entry and exit.
  4. Crumple Zone for Spinal Protection:

    • The Spartan cares for your well-being with a 10-inch crumple zone underneath the pilot, providing vital spinal protection in unforeseen landing situations.
  5. Pistol Grip/Trigger Throttle with Safety:

    • Experience precise control and an added layer of safety with the standard pistol grip/trigger throttle. Your safety is our priority, even in the smallest details.
  6. Best-in-Class Weight Shift:

    • Enjoy superior weight shift capabilities with both articulating arms and side-to-side weight shift with spacers. The Spartan ensures unmatched control and responsiveness during flight.

Customization Options:

  • Engine Options:

    • Choose from a variety of engines to tailor your paramotor's performance to your preferences.
  • Color Options:

    • Personalize your Spartan with a range of colors to match your style and make a statement in the skies.
  • Throttle Options:

    • Select the throttle that suits your flying style and comfort preferences.
  • Harness Options:

    • Customize your harness for the perfect fit and comfort during long flights.

Buy America, Support America:

  • The Spartan is proudly made in the U.S.A., supporting local craftsmanship and ensuring direct communication with the owner for any questions or support. No need to navigate through dealers and importers – connect directly with us.

Elevate your paramotoring adventures with the Spartan – where strength, safety, and customization converge to redefine the possibilities of flight. Purchase the Spartan and soar with confidence and pride!

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