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Kangook Vikking Frames Only 132cm or 146cm

Kangook Vikking Frames Only 132cm or 146cm

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Complete Frames Only (includes gas tank and starter pulley)

The Kangook Vikking stands out as the most affordable frame in Kangook Paramotors' lineup, but its value far exceeds its cost. This simple yet effective frame is a testament to high strength at a low weight, delivering an exceptional flying experience. The Vikking is available in two cage sizes: 132cm, allowing the use of propellers up to 125cm, and 146cm, accommodating propellers up to 135cm.

Frame Configuration:

  1. Vikking 132:

    • The unique frame designed specifically for the Vikking 132 model allows for direct engine attachment or a multi-fit engine mount. The multi-fit frame incorporates an engine adapter tailored to the chosen engine. This versatility allows pilots to switch engines effortlessly by replacing the engine adapter.
  2. Vikking 146:

    • The Vikking 146 utilizes the same "classic" frame found on the Phoenix K2 and Classic models. This design allows for conversion to the 146cm version of those models at any time, offering flexibility and adaptability for pilots.

Swing Arm Options:

The Vikking frame supports various swing arm options, providing pilots with the flexibility to customize their flying experience. These options include:

  • Aluminum J-bars
  • Stainless Steel J-bars
  • Low Swing Arms
  • Intermediate Arms
  • High Swing Arms
  • CNC Swan Neck Arms
  • Stainless Steel Tubular Swan Neck Arms
  • Fixed Swan Neck Arms

Kangook Protect Cage:

The cage of the Vikking can be upgraded with the Kangook Protect option, enhancing safety with improved netting coverage. The three-piece hoops are secured to the frame with straps and to each other with high-strength Velcro. This design allows for quick installation or removal in less than 2 minutes, simplifying transport to the flying field, regardless of the type of vehicle.

Torque Compensation and Weight Shift:

The Vikking impresses with its torque compensation and weight shift capabilities. Torque compensation is achieved through a simple spacer, strategically placed based on the rotation of the propeller. This effective method minimizes turning tendencies caused by engine torque, contributing to stable and controlled flights.

Durable Finish and Construction:

The Vikking is finished with a durable powder coat finish. The center frame is black, and the hoop sections are available in orange or black upon request. Netting options include orange or black, and swing arms are finished in matte silver for stainless steel and standard orange for aluminum CNC swan neck arms. Constructed entirely from 6061 T6 aviation-grade aluminum, the fully welded frames minimize the use of nuts, bolts, or rivets, reducing concerns about parts shaking loose from engine vibrations.

Propeller Options:

As with all Kangook Paramotors, the Vikking comes standard with a carbon E-Prop or Helix of the pilot's chosen diameter.

Weight Specifications:

  • Vikking 132:

    • With Atom 80: 46.5 lbs (21.1 kg)
    • With Moster 185: 55.1 lbs (25.0 kg)
  • Vikking 146:

    • With Atom 80: 47.3 lbs (21.5 kg)
    • With Moster 185: 55.9 lbs (25.4 kg)

Comprehensive Warranty:

Kangook Paramotors back their Vikking with a comprehensive warranty covering manufacturing defects. This includes 1 year for the engine and an impressive 3 years for frames, cages, and harness.

In summary, the Kangook Vikking is a stellar paramotor frame that combines affordability with top-notch quality, providing pilots with a reliable and customizable platform for their aerial adventures.

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