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Kangook Phoenix K2 Frames Only 132cm or 146cm

Kangook Phoenix K2 Frames Only 132cm or 146cm

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The Phoenix K2, a revolutionary offering from Kangook Paramotors unveiled in December 2019 ahead of the 2020 flying season, redefines excellence in paramotor frames. Meticulously engineered, this paramotor frame is available in two sizes—132cm and 146cm—providing pilots with tailored options for their flying needs.

Key Features:

  1. Enhanced Netting Coverage: The Phoenix K2 boasts superior netting coverage, ensuring increased safety and protection during flights. The design prioritizes safety without compromising on visibility.

  2. CNC Cut Spars: Each hoop piece is precision-crafted with CNC cut spars, contributing to the frame's durability and structural integrity. This advanced manufacturing technique enhances the overall performance of the paramotor.

  3. Diameter Options: Pilots can choose between the 132cm and 146cm diameter versions of the Phoenix K2. The 132cm variant accommodates propellers up to 125cm, while the 146cm version supports propellers up to 135cm, providing versatility for different flight configurations.

Engine Attachment Options:

  • Direct Engine Attachment: This option features engine mounting rails welded to the frame, resulting in an exceptionally lightweight paramotor. It's an ideal choice for those seeking optimal agility and maneuverability.

  • Multi-Fit Frame: The classic multi-fit frame incorporates a generic mounting system, utilizing an engine adapter specific to the chosen engine. This versatility allows pilots to switch engines easily by replacing the engine adapter.

Swing Arm Flexibility:

The classic frame supports various swing arm options, allowing pilots to customize their flying experience. Options include aluminum J-bars, stainless steel J-bars, low swing arms, intermediate arms, high swing arms, CNC swan neck arms, stainless steel tubular swan neck arms, and fixed swan neck arms.

Kangook Protect Cage:

The Phoenix K2's cage comes standard with the Kangook Protect option, enhancing safety with comprehensive netting coverage. The single-hoop design is reinforced with integral CNC spars, ensuring both strength and aesthetics.

Quick Installation and Conversion:

The three-piece hoops are secured to the frame with straps and to each other with high-strength Velcro. This design facilitates hassle-free installation and removal, taking less than 2 minutes. Additionally, the Phoenix K2 stands out for its unique ability to convert into a Kangook Classic swiftly. Converting between the two is as simple as replacing the hoops and foot section, requiring no adjustments to the engine, harness, or swing arms.

Torque Compensation and Weight Shift:

The Phoenix K2 excels in torque compensation, utilizing a simple spacer to minimize turning tendencies caused by engine torque. Pilots can enjoy impressive weight shift capabilities, enhancing overall control during flight.

Premium Finish and Construction:

Constructed from 6061 T6 aviation-grade aluminum, the Phoenix K2 features fully welded frames. This design minimizes the use of nuts, bolts, or rivets, reducing concerns about parts loosening due to engine vibrations. The durable powder coat finish includes a black center frame and a choice of orange or black hoop sections and netting. The stainless-steel swing arms come in matte silver, while CNC swan neck arms are standard in orange, with black available upon request.

Propeller Options:

To complement its exceptional design, all Kangook Paramotors, including the Phoenix K2, come standard with a carbon E-Prop or Helix of the pilot's chosen diameter.

Weight Specifications:

  • With Atom 80: 46 lbs (20.9 kg)
  • With Moster 185: 51 lbs (23.0 kg)

Comprehensive Warranty:

Kangook Paramotors stand behind their craftsmanship with a comprehensive warranty covering manufacturing defects. The warranty includes 1 year for the engine and an impressive 3 years for frames, cages, and harness.

In summary, the Phoenix K2 is not just a paramotor frame; it's a testament to Kangook Paramotors' commitment to innovation, safety, and an unparalleled flying experience. Pilots can trust in the Phoenix K2 to deliver exceptional performance and reliability on every adventure in the skies.


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