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Kangook KX-1 and KX-1 Komfort Solo or Komfort Tandem

Kangook KX-1 and KX-1 Komfort Solo or Komfort Tandem

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The Kangook KX-1 trike stands out as the most versatile and modular option in Kangook Paramotors' lineup, offering three configurations: the KX-1 Standard, KX-1 Komfort Solo, and KX-1 Komfort Tandem. Engineered for superior load capacity compared to the Basik trike, the KX-1 features a longer design, fully welded diagonal braces, and a robust fully welded frame. Whether you prefer foot launch or wheel launch, the KX-1 adapts seamlessly, allowing quick attachment and detachment of Kangook foot launch paramotors. The trike's easy conversion between configurations adds to its flexibility. The Komfort Solo and Komfort Tandem variations cater to specific preferences, with the latter accommodating tandem flights.

Notable features include stainless steel roll bars for safety, compatibility with various Kangook paramotor frames, and a recommendation to pair with the Kangook Classic paramotor frame with the heavy-duty option for maximum strength and propeller protection. Assembly and disassembly are effortless, facilitated by quick-release pin retainers for the fiberglass axles. The KX-1 offers a range of wheel and ski options, including brakes, balloon tires, directly attached skis, stirrup skis, and foot throttle.

Finished with a durable powder coat in black and white for a sleek appearance, the KX-1 is constructed entirely from 6061 T6 aviation-grade aluminum. Its fully welded frames minimize concerns about parts shaking loose from engine vibration. Warranty coverage includes 1 year for the engine, and 3 years for frames, cages, and harness. The KX-1 Standard weighs only 38.2 lbs, the KX-1 Komfort Solo is 57.8 lbs, and the KX-1 Komfort Tandem is 71.6 lbs, making them efficient and reliable choices for paramotor enthusiasts.

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