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Cosmos 300 Prop

Cosmos 300 Prop

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Propellers for Cosmos 300: Exceptional Performance and Reliability

Compatible Models:

  • 2 Blade - 150 cm
  • 3 Blade - 150 cm


1. High Reliability and Precision:

  • These propellers are designed exclusively for use with the Cosmos 300 engine, ensuring a perfect match for optimal performance.
  • The duplicable production with models guarantees high reliability and precision in every propeller.

2. Easy Installation and Consistent Setting:

  • Installing the propeller blades is a breeze, requiring minimal time and effort.
  • The blades always maintain the same setting, providing consistent performance. No hub is needed for installation.

3. Individual Blade Replacement:

  • In the unfortunate event of blade damage, individual blades can be easily exchanged without extensive hassle or complex procedures.
  • This feature ensures quick repairs, minimizing downtime and allowing you to get back to flying sooner.

4. Reinforced Carbon Fiber Construction:

  • Crafted from reinforced carbon fiber, the propeller blades offer a perfect balance of high strength and remarkably low weight.
  • This construction material enhances the overall durability and performance of the propellers.

These propellers are not just accessories; they are precision-engineered components that complement the Cosmos 300 engine. Whether you prioritize reliability, ease of maintenance, or top-notch performance, these propellers are designed to meet and exceed your expectations. Elevate your flying experience with propellers tailored specifically for the Cosmos 300 engine.

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