Flying Five O

Meet Kevin Houston, a dedicated paramotor pilot currently advancing his skills as a student at Paramotor Arkansas and Run into the Sky nonprofit flight school. Kevin has served as a police officer for the past 25 years, working at the Oxford, MS Police Department. He is set to retire from his distinguished career in law enforcement in May 2024.

Kevin's paramotor journey began on June 23, 2023, and he took to the skies for his inaugural flight on October 11, 2023. Driven by a lifelong passion for flight, Kevin found his calling in paramotoring just four months before beginning formal training. Since then, he's been soaring through the skies, finding joy and purpose in the freedom that paramotors provide.

Paramotors, also known as powered paragliders, offer a unique and exhilarating way to experience flight. These lightweight aircraft, powered by a motor and worn like a backpack, allow pilots like Kevin to take off from nearly any open area and explore the world from a breathtaking perspective.

Beyond the thrill of flight, Kevin sees paramotoring as a transformative experience, providing him with a new lease on life. His dedication to mastering this craft is matched only by his commitment to giving back. As a supporter of Run into the Sky, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing adaptive flying equipment for disabled veterans, Kevin understands the power of flight to uplift and inspire.
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