Butch Fly is now the Director of Operations

Butch Fly is now the Director of Operations

Meet Butch Fly: Director of Operations at Run Into The Sky

Role and Leadership: As the esteemed Director of Operations at Run Into The Sky, Butch Fly plays a pivotal role in shaping the organization's vision and overseeing its day-to-day activities. His leadership extends beyond administrative duties, as he brings a wealth of experience and a passion for paramotoring to the forefront of the organization.

Paramotor Expertise: Butch Fly is not only a leader but also an accomplished paramotor pilot. His expertise in the world of powered paragliding adds a valuable dimension to Run Into The Sky's mission. As a seasoned pilot, Butch understands the nuances of paramotoring, making him a relatable and knowledgeable figure for aspiring aviators associated with the organization.

Commitment to Education: In his role as Director of Operations, Butch Fly is dedicated to promoting education and training in the field of paramotoring. He actively contributes to the organization's initiatives to provide accessible and high-quality training to individuals from all walks of life, aligning with the core values of empowerment through aviation.

Vision for Run Into The Sky: Butch Fly's leadership is guided by a vision of creating a vibrant community of aviators who share a love for the skies. Under his guidance, Run Into The Sky continues to evolve as a hub for not just learning to fly but also for fostering camaraderie, mentorship, and a deep appreciation for the freedom that comes with paramotoring.

Community Building: Known for his personable approach, Butch Fly is instrumental in building a supportive and inclusive community within Run Into The Sky. His interactions with students, pilots, and enthusiasts reflect a genuine commitment to creating an environment where everyone feels encouraged to pursue their passion for flight.

Safety Advocacy: Safety is a paramount concern in the world of aviation, and Butch Fly emphasizes this aspect in his leadership role. Whether through educational programs, safety workshops, or hands-on training, he strives to instill a culture of safety consciousness among Run Into The Sky participants.

Inspiring the Next Generation: As a great leader and paramotor pilot, Butch Fly serves as an inspiration for the next generation of aviators. His journey exemplifies the transformative power of flight and the boundless possibilities that come with pursuing one's passion.

Join Butch Fly and Run Into The Sky: If you're ready to take to the skies under the guidance of a seasoned pilot and leader, consider joining Butch Fly and the dynamic community at Run Into The Sky. Whether you're a novice dreaming of your first flight or an experienced pilot seeking a supportive network, Butch Fly welcomes you to be part of the exhilarating world of paramotoring.

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