Ep 196 - Nathan James

Ep 196 - Nathan James

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Ep 196 Nathan James, widely known as "Sir Drifto," is a seasoned paramotor pilot who has dedicated his life to exploring the skies. Born with a natural affinity for the thrill of flight, Nathan has seamlessly blended his passion for aviation with a successful career as a Systems Analyst and Test Pilot at the prestigious Division of Aerodynamics, where he has been making significant contributions since November 14, 2019.

Nathan's journey into the world of paramotoring began long before his professional career took flight. His love for the sport goes beyond the thrill of soaring through the air; it represents a harmonious fusion of his technical expertise and adventurous spirit. As a test pilot, he applies his analytical skills to ensure the safety and efficiency of aerial systems, showcasing a unique combination of precision and daring exploration. Beyond the skies,

Nathan is an advocate for pushing boundaries in life, a philosophy encapsulated in his favorite Facebook quote: "All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better." This mantra reflects his belief in the power of continuous learning and the pursuit of new experiences, both in the air and in everyday life. In addition to his exploits in the clouds, Nathan shares his life's adventures with his longtime partner, Stevie Gordon, with whom he has been in a loving relationship since June 2018. Together, they form a dynamic duo that not only navigates the complexities of life but also shares a passion for exploration and growth.

Nathan James, aka "Sir Drifto," exemplifies the perfect blend of a daring paramotor pilot, a meticulous systems analyst, and a devoted partner. His story is one of pushing boundaries, embracing experimentation, and finding beauty in the uncharted territories of both the sky and the human experience.


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