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Trade In your wing

Trade In your wing

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Trade in your wing for $1000 off a new wing.  These wings will be used for disabled veterans and other students at our school.

How this works:

Get your wing an annual inspection by a qualified company of your choice.  If it passes, have them send it to us (unless you want to have them ship it to you and you ship it to us). 

After we inspect it and see it is a passing inspection, we will issue you a $1000 gift card to use for the purchase of a new wing in our store.  

Questions?  Please contact us or text PPG Grandpa at 5017473558 for more info

This will cost $5 to check out and we will give you a $5 gift card along with the $1000 gift card after our transaction is complete.



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Return policy

You can return any wing as long as it has not been used. 30 day returns

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