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Kangook Amaruk Frame 140cm

Kangook Amaruk Frame 140cm

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Kangook Amaruk Paramotor Frame: Elevate Your Flight Experience

Whether you're a seasoned acro pilot honing your skills, a beginner eagerly anticipating your first flights, or anywhere in between, the Kangook Amaruk is the paramotor frame that ticks all the boxes. Meticulously designed with a focus on performance and ergonomics, the Amaruk is the latest addition to the impressive Kangook paramotor lineup.

Key Features:

  1. Optimized Performance:

    • The Amaruk features a 140cm cage, accommodating propellers up to 135cm in diameter.
    • Purpose-built welded engine mounts eliminate unnecessary weight and ensure optimal strength.
  2. Industry-Leading Stability:

    • The thrust line incorporates a slight negative angle, passing below the pivot of the swing arms for unparalleled pitch stability.
    • Weight-saving design by removing J-bar arms provisions while reinforcing mounting for stainless-steel swing arms, CNC swan neck arms, or the new Kobra style arms.
  3. Enhanced Safety and Visibility:

    • Updated frame geometry maximizes netting coverage, prioritizing safety.
    • Head space cutout provides an unparalleled field of view of the wing during launch and flight.
  4. Convenient Design:

    • 3-piece hoops are easily removable and secured with straps and high-strength Velcro, facilitating quick installation or removal in less than 2 minutes.
    • Impressive torque compensation and weight shift capabilities for a dynamic flying experience.
  5. Customization Options:

    • Three swing arm options (stainless steel tubular arms, CNC swan neck arms, and Kobra arms) offer compatibility and flexibility. Arms are interchangeable at any time.
    • Durable powder coat finish in various colors for the center frame, hoop sections, and netting.
  6. Material and Construction:

    • Constructed entirely from 6061 T6 aviation-grade aluminum for strength and durability.
    • Fully welded frames reduce the number of fasteners, minimizing the risk of parts shaking loose during flights.
  7. Propeller Choices:

    • All Kangook Paramotors, including the Amaruk, come standard with your choice of diameter carbon E-Prop or Helix.
  8. Weights:

    • Amaruk's weight with Atom 80 is only 44.1 lbs (20.9 kg).
    • Amaruk's weight with the Moster 185 is 52.7 lbs (24.9 kg).


  • Engine: 1 year
  • Frames: 3 years
  • Cages: 3 years
  • Harness: 3 years

The Kangook Amaruk sets a new standard in paramotor frames, offering a perfect blend of performance, safety, and customization. Elevate your flying experience with the Amaruk and enjoy the freedom of the skies with confidence.

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