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Kangook Amaruk XD 140cm Frame

Kangook Amaruk XD 140cm Frame

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Kangook Amaruk XD Paramotor Frame: Taking Flight to New Heights

How do you make a great thing even better? You make it bigger! Introducing the Kangook Amaruk XD, designed with an eXtend Diameter of 151cm, specifically crafted to accommodate 140cm propellers. What's the big deal with a larger prop? More power, better climb rates, and reduced fuel consumption – all the benefits of higher aspect ratio props.

Key Features:

  1. Extended Diameter:

    • The Amaruk XD features an extended diameter of 151cm, optimized for 140cm propellers, unlocking enhanced performance.
  2. Power and Efficiency:

    • Larger propellers result in more power, improved climb rates, and decreased fuel consumption, thanks to higher aspect ratio propeller design.
  3. Structural Strength:

    • Amaruk XD maintains the core geometry of the Amaruk, with each hoop section featuring a secondary hoop, extending the cage to 151cm.
    • The added hoop enhances structural strength, making it ideal for tandem flights, acrobatics, and the demands of advanced pilots.
  4. Optimized Frame Geometry:

    • The center frame retains the Amaruk's geometry, with a 5 cm extension at the base for added stability.
    • Purpose-built welded engine mounts eliminate unnecessary weight, ensuring strength and durability.
    • The thrust line features a slight negative angle, contributing to industry-leading pitch stability.
    • Provisions for J-bar arms have been removed, saving weight while reinforcing mounting for stainless-steel swing arms or Kobra style arms.
    • Updated frame geometry maximizes strength and safety by maximizing netting coverage where it matters most.
  5. Enhanced Visibility and Ergonomics:

    • Head space cutout provides unparalleled views of the wing during launch and flight.
    • Starter pulley mounted higher for a more ergonomic engine start, reducing the risk of rope burns from a low-mounted starter rope.
  6. Convenient Design:

    • 3-piece hoops are easily removable, secured with straps and high-strength Velcro, facilitating quick installation or removal in less than 2 minutes.
    • Impressive torque compensation and weight shift capabilities for a dynamic flying experience.
  7. Customization Options:

    • Two swing arm options (stainless steel tubular arms and Kobra arms) are compatible, offering high-strength single-piece arms without fasteners. Arms are interchangeable at any time.
    • Durable powder coat finish in various colors for the center frame, hoop sections, and netting.
  8. Material and Construction:

    • Constructed entirely from 6061 T6 aviation-grade aluminum, ensuring strength and durability.
    • Fully welded frames reduce the number of fasteners, minimizing the risk of parts shaking loose during flights.
  9. Propeller Choices:

    • All Kangook Ready To Fly Paramotors that already included motors, including the Amaruk XD, come standard with your choice of diameter carbon E-Prop or Helix. *** PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS LISTING IS FOR THE FRAME ONLY ***
  10. Weights:

  • Amaruk XD's weight with Atom 80 is only 48.8 lbs (22.2 kg).
  • Amaruk XD's weight with the Moster 185 is 57.8 lbs (26.3 kg).


  • Engine: 1 year
  • Frames: 3 years
  • Cages: 3 years
  • Harness: 3 years

The Kangook Amaruk XD sets a new standard for paramotor frames, offering an expanded diameter for increased performance without compromising strength and safety. Soar to new heights with the Amaruk XD and experience the freedom of flight like never before.

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