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Meet Sean Symons

Greetings! I'm Sean Symons, affectionately known as PPG Grandpa. You can just call me Grandpa; after all, friends make it simple.

From Challenges to the Skies

My aerial journey began after navigating the challenges of open-heart surgery and a stroke complication in December of 2017. Inspired by a motorized backpacker cruising to McDonald's, I felt a calling to the skies. Little did I know, this decision not only strengthened me but possibly saved my life.

The year 2018 became a transformative chapter, dedicated to fortifying my strength and seeking the right instructor. Despite the six-hour round trip to my instructor, determination fueled me. He generously lent me a wing, allowing months of practice, training, and strength-building before my first solo flight.

A Love Affair with the Skies

My inaugural free flight solo coincided with my 50th birthday, followed by a paramotor solo a few months later. That moment marked the beginning of a profound love affair with the skies—I was hooked. All I wanted to do was fly and share the magic of paramotors. This passion led to the birth of, my podcast launched in January 2020.

Taking Flight in the Digital Realm

As the podcast evolved, so did my exploration of live shows and streaming. This journey gave rise to, a platform where paramotor enthusiasts gather for engaging content. Complementing this venture, my merch stores, I Love (2020) and Paramotor (2022), emerged as a celebration of the paramotor lifestyle.

Pioneering Paramotor Education

In 2021, I took a leap of faith, leaving my full-time job to establish flight school. The official launch, slated for January 2023, aligns with the start of Season 4 of our Paramotor Podcast. Flying, assisting others in taking flight, and sharing the joy of paramotors became my life's mission.

Let's Connect and Soar Together

Glad you stopped by! Join me every Monday evening at 7p C in the super chat. Connect with me on Facebook or text me at 501-747-3558 (yes, it's my personal cell). Follow my adventures on Instagram, LinkedIn, and explore paramotor inspirations on Pinterest.

For a deeper dive, explore my presence on Apple Podcasts or check out my insights on the Paramotor Arkansas Blog post - Team ClearPropTV.

Let's share the skies, the stories, and the boundless joy of paramotoring. See you up there!