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Sean Symons AKA PPG Grandpa


Hi, My name is Sean Symons, also known as PPG Grandpa.  Friends just call me grandpa.  

I started my flying career after my open heart surgery and stroke complication in December of 2017.  I learned of this guy flying to mcdonalds with a motorized backpack and I knew I wanted to do this.   This helped me get stronger and maybe even saved my life.  Took all of 2018 to get stronger and find an instructor.

I found an instructor but it would take me 6 hours round trip every time I went to see him so he lent me a wing to practice with until I was ready for my first solo. It took many months of practice, training and getting stronger to be able to ground handle this wing.  


First free flight solo right after my 50th birthday and paramotor solo a few months after that.  I am hooked!   This is all I want to do.  Just fly.  Just talk about paramotors and that started my podcast called  in January of 2020.  Then I learned how to do a life show and stream the podcast and that is how was born. 

My first merch store was founded as I Love in 2020 and recently Paramotor in 2022.  

I quit my full time job and started up flight school in 2021 and will officially launch the website and online store in January of 2023 which will be the start of Season 4 of our Paramotor Podcast.

I love flying, helping others fly and talking about paramotors.   Glad you stopped by, see ya in the super chat every Monday evening at 7p C

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