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Tonight on Clear Prop TV Paramotor Podcast... we will have Bryant Hummer as our guest talking about Kangook America #paramotor

Your hosts: PPG Grandpa, Will Fly, Jim Simard, Lindy Andersen, Joshua Marsh

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Monday December 19, 2022
Ep 150 - Ryan Ross

Ryan has been flying paramotors for 3 years and got his interest in the sport sparked by flying drones professionally. Today he Flys not only his paramotor, but cinema drones, and is the general manager and Lead Pilot for Starflight Drone Shows out of Slatington Pa.  He is fascinated with Aviation and hopes to eventually become a private pilot.

Monday December 12, 2022
Ep 149 - Jim Simard with Care Printing and Publishing
Jim Simard runs Care Printing and Publishing.  You can upload your favorite paramotor pics to and then see your pics on the printed version!  HOW FUN IS THAT?
Monday December 5, 2022

Ep 148 - Shane Collard


About me. 48, 3 fantastic Sons. Have had more adventurous blood in my veins. My entire life. I live in S. Utah and Northern UT. Have been self employed most of my adult life. Have built up a few companies and sold them. The most recent was about 3 years ago. Soft retired at that time. I have always done my best to build a life that allows me to always say YES or Yes! Lets make it happen. My life as it pertains to Paramotoring. About 25 yrs ago, I got the I need to fly bug. There is a LZ near my home in SLC. I took lessons, borrowed gear, then within a week, I made a very Obvious mistake that simply just didn't click at the time. My instructor Steve Mayer- Cloud 9. Landed me safely through radio. I was embarrassed that my brain didn't click as to what I was doing wrong and realized that it could have been deadly. That same week, I watched 2 paragliders get tangled while ridge soaring and the both grounded. (Alive). At that point I gave up on furthering my paragliding. Fast forward to 2020. I still had the bug to fly. Knew nothing about Paramotoring. Saw a FB ad from St George Paramotor. I was free from work or financial burdens, so I met with the instructors told them to order what they would buy themselves and started the instruction. I have a very high risk tolerance, I breezed through their instruction and was in the air after about 5-6 days. I felt confident in the air. Started flying with others. Then in Oct 2021, Flying by myself. I took a decent fall from a full wing collapse, around 90ft. It took me about 6 months to get myself/body back in the air. Then I made it a Goal to be well enough to do the trip to Egypt over the anniversary date of my fall. 😁. I made it happen!

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Monday November 28, 2022

Ep 147 - David Proctor

Flying around near colorado springs colorado, 1 year pilot with 150 hours between two wings. Trained with daniel west at colorado paramotor in october/november 2021. Army veteran, infantry. iraq 07/08. Now run Guardian Service Dogs, teaching veterans to train their own service animals for seizure detection, mobility assist, ptsd, etc. Currently working on ppg3 requirements and slowly working towards instructor/tandem ratings.




Monday November 21, 2022

EP 146 - Mark and Shana Denny

Bio for Mark Denny...

Born in Paris Island, Mark Denny moved to Titusville FL when he was 5 years old.  His high energy was perfect for his love of extreme sports.  Not only did he compete in motorcross, he was also the 1991 Florida Heavyweight Bad Man Kickboxing Champion and a Professional Skydiver since 1987.   He was introduced to the sport of flying Ultralights in 1992 and has owned and flown over 500 different  ultrlight aircraft amassing over 3000 hours of flight time. Mark founded AirSportsUSA in 1994 where he specializes in buying, selling and flying ultralights.  He is a Certified Basic Flight Instructor and has taught over 200 students to become accomplished pilots.

Mark is now fulfilling his dream of developing an ultralight aircraft that has the capability of flying a paraglider, Parachute and hand glider wing all on the same aircraft frame.  This new aircraft allows for the growth of a pilot in their flying path without having to purchase a new airframe as they advance.  Simply change out the wings within 15 minutes and enjoy a new flying experience!



Monday November 14, 2022

Ep 145 - Michael Richard Crockett


Ep 145 Michael Richard Crockett - 

BIO: Hello everyone my name is Michael R Crotchett I got into airplanes back when I was 14 my mother bought me a be a pilot for a day flight in St. Louis Missouri After I graduated high school I went off to look Lynn State Tech now known as state tech of Missouri. To study A and P mechanic . airframe and powerplants I did 2 1/2 semesters before I decided I would join the Marine Corps in 2006 I went off to Boot Camp and graduated in December 15 of 2006 And later after my school training I became an aviation supply specialist 6672 , but it wasn’t till September 23rd 2018 and my friend Nick took me up on his powered parachute and instantly fell in love with aviation all over again although I could not afford one of those aircraft I immediately began searching and scouring the webs for videos and information on it Or I came across Paramotors and I didn’t even realize those existed. Two yrs later Covid set inn an I saved up the money for training i got into a class in May 1 to the 7th of 2021 and since then I’ve had the most amazing experience and met all kinds of interesting folks in made all kinds of new friends and it’s been the best thing I’ve ever decided to do in my life it’s also got me back into GA aircraft where I am working on my private pilots license currently then plan on attending SWIC in Belleville Illinois to continue my GA a training into January 2023



Monday November 7, 2022

Ep 144


No guest tonight so we are going to be giving away prizes on GAME NIGHT

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Monday October 31, 2022 Podcast Guest

Ep 143 Danny Williamson

Danny Willamsondanny willamson

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Hey everyone I’m Danny! I’m 33 I own a small construction business called  ReStore The Shore llc! I live in south New Jersey!! I got inspired 2019 for Paramotoring! (Just by someone driving by!!!!!) In 2020 I bought my first Paramotor and wing!!! Took my first flight October 4, 2021!! Talk about life changing!!!! And all around the same time I got one of the most rarest Model A’s!! (That I found in the back of a barn just the way she is!!!). So I thought how cool it would be to put my SkyMax on the back!! That’s how I got the name (Flying Dan With A 29 Sedan) I can’t wait to be on the show tonight!! Thanks again!!!!



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Monday October 24, 2022 Podcast Guest

Ep 142 Jon Alan

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BIO: Growing up on a ranch in rural Idaho close to friends and family that owned GA aircraft sparked my love of all things aviation.   My best memories are of climbing into those aircraft every opportunity I had. My chance to fly came  15 years ago when my Dad and I bought a hang glider trike.  When I moved to Maricops Arizona 9 years ago I was excited to find AirParamo right down the street from my house!  I took one flight and was instantly hooked.  After saving money for years I was able to purchase a paramotor and my journey began.  In 2015 I became an assistant instructor with Mo at AirParamo and eventually ventured out on my own starting WindPirate PPG.


My dad had a saddle and custom leather shop so I was already very familiar with commercial sewing. Failing to find any high quality covers on the market at the time for my paramotor I decided to make one.  Others in my flight group were impressed and the orders started coming in.  I began making and selling custom paramotor covers, kiting harnesses and other items.  After finishing my apprenticeship with Mo in 2017, I began training and providing paramotor equipment full time by traveling to the Northwest in the summer and training in Arizona in the winter.

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Monday October 17, 2022 Podcast Guest

E141 - Avery Colburn

Avery Colburn

$2500 New Paramotor - AirJet BLE 170 

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Hi, I'm Avery, I'm 27. My parents are both hot air balloon pilots, and I've been flying anything I can since I was 4 months old. I was first introduced to ppg when someone foot launched along side a hot air balloon flight I was crewing for, then rediscovered it watching Tucker. In 2019 I taught myself kiting, then went to Mojo's Flight School in Charlotte NC and got PPG2 rated. My first flight was in February 2022, and I'm coming up on 80 flights and 30 hours. I have a fascination with flying on the bare minimum of power and I'm most famous for my Chinese AliExpress paramotor saga.

YouTube: Avery Flies 

instagram: thisguyaves I designed and built a flight instrument with gps and barometer for people that don't want to risk their cell phone Tucker Gott style. The plans and code are free and open source for anyone to build.


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