Online Class for Paramotor Students

Paramotor Arkansas Flight School:

Welcome to Paramotor Arkansas Flight School on Paramotor College's Website!

Explore the following pre-class resources to ensure a smooth transition into your upcoming hands-on training. We're dedicated to providing you with comprehensive materials for an enriching paramotoring experience:

  1. Paramotor Basics: 

    • Dive into the fundamentals of paramotoring.
    • Gain insights into our school's philosophy and the vibrant community you're about to join.
  2. Online Basic Tests:

  3. Document Center:

    • Download waivers and your syllabus for a streamlined on-site experience.
    • Ensure you have all necessary documents ready for your first day.
  4. Basic Training Videos:

    • Explore basic techniques and maneuvers.
    • Gain insights from basic-level training videos tailored for a basic - pre hands-on-level perspective.
  5. Vocabulary, Terminology and Definitions you should know!

Important Notes:

  • For assistance or queries, reach out to our support team at
  • Ensure you bring completed waivers and all required documents on your first day.

Paramotor Arkansas Flight School awaits your arrival!

By engaging with these resources, you're ensuring a well-prepared and enjoyable paramotoring adventure. We look forward to welcoming you to Paramotor Arkansas Flight School and sharing the thrill of flight with you!

Blue skies and happy flying!

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