South Arkansas residents see growing interest in paramotor flying - (KTVE/KARD)

South Arkansas residents see growing interest in paramotor flying

EL DORADO, Ark. (KTVE/KARD)–Over the weekend, Union County residents may have noticed parachutes flying on the horizon. Those pieces of equipment may look foreign to some but offer a sky-high experience for some residents in the area who may have never experienced it.

Paramotoring allows pilots to take off from level ground and climb to altitude. Paramotor is also referred to as powered paragliding. With motors in place, there is no need to launch from a hill or high ground. Modernized paramotors are capable of reaching speeds up to 75km/h and can fly for several hours at a time.

Dan Guthrie organized South Arkansas ParaFest Fly-In which happened over the weekend. He offers insight into paramotor operations.

“The para shoot becomes just like the wing of an airplane. When it fills up with air, it just inflates and it becomes the lift that gets us off the ground. This motor that we wear on our back becomes our mountain and that propels us, and gives us the speed that we need to fly!”

Pilots traveled from surrounding states to be a part of this festival.

“For these guys who have never been to South Arkansas, didn’t even know El Dorado existed, we get to bring them here and show them where we live from a completely different viewpoint,” explains Guthrie.

If you or anyone you know may be interested in learning more information about powered paragliding in South Arkansas, contact Don Guthrie at DonfliesPPG@gmail.com or you can contact him via Facebook here.

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