TEAM Clear Prop TV

TEAM Clear Prop TV

Welcome to Team ClearPropTV!!!!   Meet the Hosts!

Sean Symons - AKA PPG Grandpa

Sean Symons - PPG Grandpa

Hi, My name is Sean Symons, also known as PPG Grandpa.  Friends just call me grandpa.  I AM A BIG FAN!

Learn more about me here SEAN SYMONS


Linda Andersen AKA Para Mom USA

Linda Andersen 

Learn more about Linda HERE




Will Fly

Will Fly

He is the master of "Spinning wheel of winning things" on our ClearPropTV podcast.  

Learn more about Will Fly HERE


Josh Marsh

Learn more about Josh HERE


Jim Simard - Owner of Care Printing and Publishing (

Learn more about Jim and his print company HERE




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